The 2019 HFFCF Vine Pruning Contest will take place on Saturday, Jan 26, 2019 please meet promptly at 9:30 am at Hoof Beat Park. There will be classes for FFA, 4-H Senior, and 4-H Junior. All contestants will be judged together and scores will be separated out in the above classes. There will be a written test taken at Hoofbeat park and then the exhibitors will go out to the nearby vineyard for the remainder of the competition. Awards will be given in the form of ribbons and cash prizes ($100 for first place in each class, additional $50 for overall winner). An Overall Vine Pruning Champion winner will be announced for the individual having the highest score, regardless of class, in the contest. Awards will be presented beginning at 4pm on Saturday before the Fair Awards Ceremony.

The contest will consist of a written multiple-choice test on Vine Pruning. This test will be administered before vines are pruned and will take approximately 15 minutes. Contestants will have a total potential score of 100 points for the written Pruning Test. Contestants will be given material to review for the pruning test at the Vine Pruning Workshop.

Each contestant will then have to prune a set of Cane Pruned vines and a set of Spur Pruned vines (each vine pruning set will be made up of two vines). Each contestant will have 10-15 minutes to prune the two vines in front of a judge. The judge will then ask questions of each contestant regarding their pruning decisions after each set. Contestants will have a total potential score of 100 points per class.

Each contestant will be responsible for bringing his or her own pruning equipment and safety glasses. If a contestant is unable to supply there own pruning equipment please contact the number below and we can arrange to bring equipment. Notes will not be allowed while taking the pruning test and no talking between the contestants will be permitted. Each contestant will be required to be in dress uniform.

To ensure that adequate training is provided we will hold a 2019 Vine Pruning workshop on Saturday, Jan 12, 2019 Please meet promptly at 9:45 am at Hoof Beat Park. Contestants attending the workshop will be given 10 additional bonus points toward their final score.


Each 4-H club and the FFA will be required to organize and assist individuals from their clubs that want to participate, and leaders are encouraged to attend the Vine Pruning Workshop. All contestants will be responsible for their own transportation for the workshop and the Vine Pruning Contest. After we meet at Hoof Beat Park we will then drive to the vineyard where we will be pruning.