Thank You Notes


All thank-you notes for the Livestock Auction and the Awards must be received and approved on one of the two (2) consecutive Fridays after the fair, June 1, 2018 and June 8, 2018 between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm @ Hoof Beat Park. Failure to comply with the specified time will result in the exhibitor being prohibited from participating in the HFFCF Fair the following year and they will forfeit all monies greater than that of the support price.


Please put extra care and time into your Thank You Notes.  Your note should thank your buyer/ award sponsor for supporting the fair and that you hope they will continue to support young people.  You can also tell them a little about yourself, such as age and how long you have been active in 4-H or FFA. Tell them about your plans for the future (money saved for your education, purchase of more animals, etc.) The buyers are all interested in the young people that they support during the fair

Thank you Note Guidelines:
1. Thank you notes must be written to each buyer of your animal or sponsor of your award (if you have 5 buyers you must write 5 notes.)
2. Standard stationary designed for correspondence or large size greeting cards (blank inside) must be used. Minimum size of greeting cards is 5" x 7", minimum paper is 6"x 9". Binder paper (lined paper of any kind) plain printer paper and index cards are unacceptable. Please note: Small sized thank you note cards are not appropriate.
3. Thank you notes must be written in ink. For those with weak penmanship, erasable ink pens are acceptable. No typed or computer written notes will be acceptable.
4. You must use a standard envelope. Home made envelopes will not be accepted.
5. Envelope must be properly addressed (in ink) and stamped before you receive your check. The Fair will not supply any material for your use.
6. Envelope must have complete name of the buyer.
7. Envelope must have the complete return address, lot #, and if the animal was a hog, beef, or lamb.
8. Envelope must not be sealed when you turn in your note (if you do seal it you will be required to undo the envelope.) Please remember that your envelope must have a first class stamp affixed to it.
9. Check will be issued when thank you note is delivered and approved by our readers.
10. All notes must include a picture of the uniformed exhibitor with their animal. Photo can be taken with a personal camera or purchased from the fair’s photographer but must be a minimum of 4x6 and printed on photo paper.
11. All notes must be a minimum of 25 words. Notes must be a 50-word minimum for those exhibitors 12 years and over.
12. Dirty or smudged thank you notes will not be accepted.