The HFFCF Board of Directors is made up of 23 volunteers who dedicate their time to ensuring that the fair and all of its community activities run smoothly.  The fair would not be possible without the individuals listed below.  Hours and hours of preparation, meetings, and organization go into each year. 

Our board meetings are the first Monday of every month, 7 pm.  Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns that need to be addressed with the full board. 

Click here to contact: Healdsburg Future Farmers Country Fair

Executive Board

President: Nick Dunkel

Vice President: Margaret Basurto Mercer

Secretary: Tess Fraguglia

Corr. Secretary: Jennah Peavler

Treasurer: Angel Nuñez

Co-Treasurer: Susie Garcia

Katelyn Lagerquist

Tom Rued


General Board


   Jessica Ascoop

Jack Brandt

Nicole Briggs

Christy Delucchi

Jacob Dorr

Wesley Hunt

Martin Kiff

Vern Losh




Michelle Maffia

Phil Manoukian

Kelley Parsons

Brad Petersen

Ali Redden

Mary Rodgers

Mike Weatherby